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#401 Updates in Addiction Medicine - SGIM 2023

June 26, 2023

We are far too classy for a “Rocky Mountain High” joke.

Live from SGIM 2023 in Aurora, Colorado!  We talk to a panel of Addiction Medicine specialists who recap their outstanding talk on all of the exciting developments in treating addiction.  We review major policy changes, trends in drug overdose, outpatient screening for alcohol use, and all of the ways we might be using psychedelics to treat addiction.  We are joined by Stefan Kertesz, MD @StefanKertesz (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Ximena Levander, MD, MCR, FACP @XimenaLevander (OHSU), Kenneth L. Morford MD, FASAM (Yale), and Katherine Mullins, MD, AAHIV @_kmullins_ (NYU Langone).

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