The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

#427 Kittleson Rules Amyloidosis

Feb. 19, 2024

The clinical picture of an underrecognized disease

Amyloidosis demystified. Learn the clinical clues that suggest possible amyloidosis and how to order the correct tests to diagnose this disease. We are joined by Dr. Michelle Kittleson who shows us the ropes of treating fibril accumulation, @MKittlesonMD (Cedars Sinai). 

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Show Segments

  • Introduction
  • Case Presentation: Mr. Smith
  • Differential Diagnosis of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
  • Understanding Amyloidosis
  • Clinical Clues and Red Flags for Amyloidosis
  • Physical Examination Findings
  • Workup for Amyloidosis
  • Treatment Options
  • AL Amyloidosis and Hematologist's Role
  • ATTR Amyloidosis and Cardiologist's Role
  • Other Therapies for TTR Amyloidosis
  • Therapy on the Horizon
  • Cost and Access to Tafamidis
  • Alternative Therapies and Supplements
  • Monitoring and Side Effects of Tafamidis
  • Symptomatic Management and Anticoagulation
  • Take Home Points


  • Written and Produced by; Deborah Gorth, MD, PhD
  • Infographic and Cover Art: Meryl Gorth, RD, MPH and Deborah Gorth, MD, PhD
  • Hosts: Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP   
  • Reviewer: Sai S. Achi MD MBA
  • Showrunners: Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP
  • Technical Production: PodPaste
  • Guest: Michelle Kittleson, MD, PhD
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