Ep 4: Scott's Disney Dirty Dozen

March 15, 2017

  This week, Scott and Mark dive into the magical world of Disney for a very special musical episode!   Prince Mark has spent his whole life immersed in these classic cartoons. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything Disney, he defends the Magic Kingdom from Scott's acerbic rants. But is the power of nostalgia alone enough to fend off Scott's attacks?   What's Scott's problem with Beauty and the Beast? Is it time to let Frozen go? And is there anything at all that these two can agree on?   Timecode

First Musical Number: 03:20

Little Mermaid: 08:00

Beauty and the Beast: 23:00

Second Musical Number: 37:30

Aladdin: 54:15

Peter Pan: 1:08:30

Bambi: 1:11:45

Sword in the Stone: 1:18:50

Pocahontas: 1:25:45

Frozen: 1:26:40

Moana: 1:39:30

Dumbo: 1:44:30

Sleeping Beauty: 1:50:55

The Rescuers: 1:57:00

Return to Neverland: 2:01:55

Third Musical Number: 2:14:15

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