Ep 12: Making Comics for Patreon with Rachael Smith

May 10, 2017

This week, Scott is joined by David Molofsky and Rachael Smith, creator of many great comics reviewed by AP2HYC. They talk about Rachael's creative process, her Patreon, and the benefits of asking cats advice, all while Scott tries to recover from a certain nightmare inducing rabbit.

Check out Rachael's Patreon, rachaelsmith.org, plus all Rachael Smith related articles on AP2HYC here.


Intro to Rachael Smith - 2:00

The Rabbit/Bess - 05:35

Ask Flimsey - 12:40

Wired Up Wrong - 18:45

Postcards/Dr Who/Patreon Rewards - 22:15

Rachael's Process - 32:05

Conventions - 47:16

Artificial Flowers - 53:00

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