Ep 35: Thor Ragnarok Review with Jonathan Hazin (Full Spoilers)

Nov. 8, 2017


Scott's back from Disneyland, and he's hit the ground running with Thor Ragnarok. Along with Jonathan Hazin, they'll be talking about the god of thunder's third film and it's place in the MCU. Is this truly the end of Thor? Or merely the beginning? Either way, it'll be better than Inhumans. Easily.

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Taika Waititi, Infinity Stones, and Humour - 02:25

Skurge, Cameos, and Emotional Brevity - 17:00

Hela Who Was in Hell, Whatever Happened to Lady Jane?, and The Warriors Three - 31:10

Idris Elba and Jeff Goldblum, Hulk in a Hot tub, and Korg - 42:44

What a Twist!, There's Always a Bigger Ship, and Final Thoughts - 58:00

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