Ep 82: Thought Bubble 2018

Oct. 3, 2018

It's time for another comic-con! And this week, David Molofsky and Fred McNamara are off to Thought Bubble! Without Scott. How sad. There's many people to talk to and lots of comics to read, so strap yourselves in Capers, we're in for a wild ride! Without Scott. As he gazes out of his window like a Dickensian orphan. While a tiny violin plays in the distance. Aw. Listen & Subscribe: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | PodBean | Podchaser | Podparadise | Listen Notes |  Player.FM | RSS Follow us on: Twitter: @AP2HYC Instagram: @AP2HYC Facebook.com/AP2HYC YouTube.com/AP2HYCape Support us on Patreon.com/ap2hyc and get bonus content, merchandise, and more. Timecode: Brett Uren - 06:30 Twitter: @TheNoMen1 Read The No Men Tom of Jabbercrow Comics - 10:05 Read The Folly of Jasper Raith Julian Payne - 11:25 Twitter: @Sylvicscomic Nye Wright - 12:30 Twitter: @welsheldorado Read Unconventional Wisdom More on Draw the Line Comics Anthology Rebecca Burgess - 14:10 Twitter: @theorah Richard Rudge - 15:14 Support Off The Mark on Kickstarter Listen to Richard's previous PodCapers appearance Serge Baeken - 16:04 Read Sugar: Life as a Cat Wine & Zine - 18:27 Twitter: @WineAndZine Review of Wine & Zine Anthology Read Wine & Zine Anthology Post-Con Wrap Up - 19:54

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