Inside Psycho

Bloch and Hitchcock

March 23, 2017

When a struggling writer, Robert Bloch, discovers the story of a strange man in Wisconsin who killed and mutilated his victims, he transforms it into a story about the twisted relationship between a man and his mother: Psycho. Later, he realizes his fictions come closer to the dark truth than he ever could have imagined. That’s when his book is optioned by an anonymous Hollywood buyer for next to nothing. That buyer turns out to be Alfred Hitchcock. We meet Hitch on his deathbed, rewind through key moments, and end with Hitch savoring only one of the 2,400 submissions his office had reviewed. This would be his next picture: Psycho. Subscribe to Inside Psycho so you never miss an episode: Thank you to our sponsors: Audible - Get a free audio book and a 30-day trial when you visit them here: Blue Apron - Get 3 meals free with free shipping by going to: Zip Recruiter - Try Zip Recruiter for free by going to: We'd like to hear from you! Please complete a quick survey at or tweet at us @ItsInsidePsycho Have a question or comment? You can always give us a call at 424-224-5711 neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.