Mystic Babylon: S.F. Open Mic Poetry Podcast/TV

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No. 26

Oct. 30, 2007

Hello, this is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast recording from near the Haight in San Francisco. Today we have only one poet besides me, but we have a special treat today. We have Judith Barnett who works at the Beat Museum in the North Beach area of San Francisco near City Lights Bookstore where the Beats came from. The URL of the Beat Museum is: . I met her at the open mikes that they hold there regularly. I have one proverb to state as we approach the end of this intro that I hope you consider worthy. Why do we fight battles in Iraq where more people die, when we could fight battles on Cancer right in the U.S. where fewer people would die? As you might notice in Judith’s poetry she talks about her fight with Cancer. Let’s hope that she wins. I remember reading a book when I was about ten years old about cancer called “Death Be Not Proud”, by John Gunther. I recommend it. Judith has a book coming out hopefully in February. It is called “Critics and Other Lovers”. Please by it if you can. You will probably be able to buy it through the Beat Museum. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.