Mystic Babylon: S.F. Open Mic Poetry Podcast/TV

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No. 28

Oct. 30, 2007

Hello. This is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry Podcast broadcasting from near the Haight. Today we have two poets besides me. These poets are H.D. Moe and Doug Reese. H.D. Moe has many, many books out which can be purchased from numerous places, the main one being his web site at: . The second poet, Doug Reese is a close friend of Moe’s and has some very good poems here. I, being much like the Huichol Indians in Mexico who eat Peyote, don’t have curse words in my vocabulary, (, but I try not to rationalize and censor, when people want to use them in their poems, so, I have permitted a few to slip under the wire. Even when censoring serves its purpose it is also a form of rational analysis based on preset values that impose upon the freedom of the mind. I have thusly put explicit on this particular podcast in iTunes, whatever that must mean. May I remind you to buy the author’s books. My book is, “Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence”. It is fun buying books to put on your shelves. I am waiting, for instance, for Donovon’s newly published autobiography: “The Hurdy Gurdy Man”. My new book, “Little Bird Told Me” might delay a little bit, but be patient, and it will be out soon. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.