Mystic Babylon: S.F. Open Mic Poetry Podcast/TV

Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast: No. 48

Nov. 23, 2007

Hello. This is John Rhodes and this is Mystic Babylon Open Mike Poetry podcast in audio today. Today we have 3 poets besides me. We have some more of the poetry from the Poem Dome celebration last April. We have in order: Daniel Yaryan, Paul Corman Roberts, and Kim Johnson. I as usual will read a few poems in the beginning. At the beginning of next month I will have another Comcast Cable Access 29 show for you to watch. Please stay tuned for it and I hope you enjoy this audio podcast. Just a reminder, my TV shows re-run on channel 29 1-3 times week and if you look here: every two days, you can see when to see my show, and you will in this way, be able to see the TV show in its full resolution…if you live in the San Francisco Area. Please, also, buy the books of the authors on this web site. My book of poetry is: Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence. For you Poem Dome addicts visit: . The Picture above is of Daniel Yaryan. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.