Mystic Babylon: S.F. Open Mic Poetry Podcast/TV

Notice of Change to different Web sites: John Rhodes

Feb. 22, 2011

Dear Poetry Podcast TV Friends. This is John Rhodes director of the San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV Show. Due to the high expense of running this site here at http://mysticbabylon.podomatic,com , please shift to watching this to either or in the near future to will eventually have all my old podcasts on it possibly with photoslide shows added, but look for the as being the main site. Also if you would like to view these videos on the Roku box or Boxee box, they are available there on the ap on your TV, if you search there for the title San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV. For a full listing of my sites, visit I still have to update the listing there but that is where I will put my list. Also. please visit by clicking on the image in this sites sidebar to see videos not in my podcasts, of long poetry festivals and events. Thank-you for your patience and please keep watching. This site will be downgraded in April, so be prepared for the change.

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