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#033 - Business English Idioms Examples and Story - Part #1

Feb. 14, 2018

In today's episode: 

  • I'll talk about the most common business expressions.
  • Later, you'll practice grammar with a point of view story.

 Awesome! Let's get started!

  • Look up to someone

When you look up to someone, you view them with respect and admiration.


"Tom truly looks up to his father, and he wants to become a policeman just like his dad."

  • Show the ropes

This expression refers to a sailor learning the different ropes for the sails of a ship. When you show the ropes to someone you explain to them how to do a particular task correctly:

"It'll take me a couple of weeks to show you the ropes but, after that, you'll be entirely prepared for the task."

  • Day one

We usually use the expression day one to talk about something that happens from the very beginning of an activity or a process.


"I'm sorry, but your project was meant to fail from day one!"

"This procedure has never worked from day one."

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