5 Minute Italian

#9: Could I have a coffee? How to ask polite questions in Italian

March 4, 2017

Do you know how to ask for things in Italian? Whether it's a coffee, directions or a date, this is one of the most important skills to master.  By the end of today's lesson, you'll know a few polite ways to ask someone to do something for you.  Remember what you learnt in today's episode! To get free bonus materials, including a quiz and flashcards, visit our website: http://joyoflanguages.com/how-to-ask-polite-questions-italian/ Today's Italian words Un caffè = a coffee Un biscotto = a biscuit il giornale = the newspaper Vorrei = I'd like Vorrei un caffè = I'd like a coffee Aspetta = wait Posso avere un biscotto? = can I have a biscuit? Posso avere = can I have? Qualcos'altro = anything else? Mi potresti portare = could you bring me (literally: me you could bring) il menù = the menu Mi potresti portare il menù = could you bring me the menu? una birra = a beer Mi portresti portare una birra? = could you bring me a beer? il conto = the bill Mi potresti portare il conto? = could you bring me the bill Vorrei una birra = I'd like a beer Vorrei un caffè = I'd like a coffee Vorrei il conto = I'd like the bill Intro: Ciao by Lee Maddeford(Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License).

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