5 Minute Italian

#43: Capeesh?! The other -ire verbs in Italian

April 22, 2018

You know that bit in gangster movies when the mobster yells "capeesh?!", right before whacking his business partner around the head with a wrench and throwing him in a garbage truck? As a fan of the Sopranos and Goodfellas, "capeesh?" was one of the few Italian words Katie knew before she moved to Italy. But it turns out, it’s not actually Italian! Learn how Italians really use the verb capire, (to understand) and some other handy -ire verbs including pulire (to clean) and finire (to finish) Learn to speak and understand Italian faster! To get bonus materials for this lesson including transcripts and flashcards, head over to the blog: http://joyoflanguages.com/ire-verbs-italian-capire/ Practice chatting Italian with Matteo and Katie in the private 5MI Facebook group. Request to join here: www.facebook.com/groups/1530878703636977/ Today’s Italian Words and Phrases Capisco il francese = I understand French Ma non lo parlo = But I don’t speak it. Capisco = I understand Pulisco = I clean Finisco = I finish Perché lo capisci ma non lo parli? = Why do you understand it but you don’t speak it? (literally: why it understand, but not it you speak?) Capisci = You understand Pulisci = You clean Finisci = You finish Non mi capiscono = They don’t understand me Capiscono = They understand Puliscono = They clean Finiscono = They finish Capisce = He/she understands; You understand (formal) Pulisce = He/she cleans; You clean (formal) Finisce = He/she finishes; You finish (formal) Capiamo = we understand Puliamo = we clean Finiamo = we finish Capite = you all understand (plural you) Pulite = you all clean (plural you) Finite = you all finish (plural you)

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