5 Minute Italian

#54: 6 Essential Italian Conversation Phrases (no more awkward silences!)

Sept. 16, 2018

You're invited to our live Italian lesson next Saturday! To get involved, join our Facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/5.minute.italian/ We'll see you there via FB live on Saturday, 22nd Sept at: Rome: 18:00 London: 17:00 NY: 12:00 (midday) San Francisco: 09:00 We'd love to see you there! Get the bonus materials from today's episode, including a quiz and flashcards: http://joyoflanguages.com/italian-conversation-phrases/ ‎ Today's Italian words and phrases Come si dice questo in italiano? = How do you say this in Italian? Come = how Si dice = one says Questo = this In italiano = in Italian Che cosa vuol dire? = What does it mean? (lit. what does it want to say?) Che cosa = what Vuol = wants Dire = to say Scusi, non ho capito = Sorry, I didn't understand (formal) Scusa, non ho capito = Sorry, I didn't understand (informal) Non ho capito. Che cosa vuol dire? = I didn't understand. What does it mean? Potrebbe ripetere per favore? = Could you repeat please? (formal) Potrebbe = could you (formal) Ripetere = repeat Per favore = please Puoi = can you (informal) Puoi ripetere per favore? = Can you repeat please? (informal) Potrebbe parlare più lentamente per favore? = could you speak slower please (formal) Potrebbe = could you (formal) Parlare = speak Più = more Lentamente = slowly Per favore = please? Puoi parlare più lentamente per favore? = Can you speak slower please? (informal) Possiamo parlare in italiano? Vorrei imparare = Can we speak in Italian? I'd like to learn. Possiamo = can we Parlare = speak In italiano = in Italian Vorrei = I'd like to Imparare = learn Adesso, vi vogliamo invitare a una lesson di italiano sabato prossimo = Now, we'd like to invite you to an Italian lesson next Saturday. Vi vogliamo invitare = We want to invite you (plural). Vi = You plural Vogliamo = we want Invitare = to invite

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