5 Minute Italian

#74: How to say I'm hungry in Italian

Nov. 24, 2019

Get the bonus materials for this episode: http://joyoflanguages.com/how-to-say-im-hungry-in-italian/ Practise your Italian in our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/5.minute.italian Todays Italian words Ho fame = I'm hungry (lit. I have hunger) Ho = I have Fame = hunger Hai sempre fame = you're always hungry Hai = you have (spelt h-a-i, but the h is silent) Sempre = always Fame = hunger Sì, ma adesso ho molta fame = yes, but now I'm really hungry Sì = yes Ma = but Adesso = now Ho = I have Molta = lots of Fame = hunger Anch'io ho fame = I'm hungry too. Anch'io = also I Ho = I have Fame = hunger Allora mangiamo qualcosa? = So shall we eat something? Allora = so/well/then (depending on the context) Mangiamo = we eat/let's eat Qualcosa = something Ha fame = he/she is hungry (lit. has hunger) Abbiamo fame = we have hunger Avete fame = youPlural have hunger Hanno fame = they have hunger Ho pazienza = I'm patient (I have patience) Ho paura = I'm afraid (I have fear) Ho trentatre anni = I'm 33 (lit. I have 33 years) Quanti anni hai? = how old are you? Quanti = how many Anni = years Hai = you have Quanti anni hai? = how many years do you have (how old are you). Ho trentasei anni = I'm 36 (lit. I have 36 years).

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