Release Your Inner Loca!

RYIL 13- Ruth Kunstadter

June 12, 2006

Ruth Kunstadter, a Spanish teacher from Montclair, NJ, grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of age appropriate materials for middle school students. Rugrats in Spanish wasn't going to cut it, neither were the more adult edu-novelas. After filming una amiga venezolana making hallacas in her kitchen, the chispa of an idea struck Ruth: What about making educational media that not only teaches the language, but reinforces culture, traditions, and identity? AND... most importantly, entertain and engage middle school kids! Ruth flew with the idea and now is the Chief Creative Officer of Chispa Productions, an educational media company that specializes in bringing culturally authentic, academically sound language instruction to youth. Meet Ruth as she drives around East LA in Nancy's car, and find out first hand how the chispa of an idea turned into a mighty flame. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.