Absolute Worst Podcast

Episode 6: Reject Yourself

June 17, 2017

Each week on the Absolute Worst Podcast, Dana Powell (Successful Comedian/Actor/Writer, Adequate Mom) and Alison Royer (Fledgling Comedian/Actor/Writer, Terrible Wife) seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then they just pray to God that any of it works out.  They're basically the opposite of Oprah. In this week’s episode Alison and Dana explore the hilarious topic of stone-cold rejection and Alison teaches Dana what “ghosting” is. In the Absolute Worst Therapy session, Dana one-ups the first problem and Alison realizes she should start drinking again. When another listener gripes about turning 30, Alison reveals that she’s actually 65 and Dana talks about her golden years. Also, in this episode, Dana and Alison give themselves license to start prescribing drugs. Unclear whether this is legal but it feels right. During the Absolute Yourst segment, we talk about poop and Dana one-ups everyone again. Ugh…typical Dana. Alison and Dana ALWAYS want to hear your problems, advice, feedback and Absolute Yoursts! You can contact them through their website, friend them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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