SkyPieces Radio

Episode Two

Dec. 13, 2005

Episode Two is up here! Decided to kick out the jams a bit more this time. Plus... a new theme song!

Some other basic info...

* Worked out a few bugs in the i-Tunes subscription process.
* Clocks in at 25:44
* 23.5 MB

Songs included:

* Light In the Hole by UDORA
* Ain't No Use in Denying by THE COOL WATERS BAND
* Planet Me by CAGE NINE
* Cortez and Pizarro by SLIM
* Against the Grain by THE APHRODISIACS

Feedback welcome and encouraged, whether right here or via email. Here's the website link I mentioned in the episode for a music industry article Tim X hipped me to at

Right now I am focusing on getting the production values and process down to a science for this. After Episode Three I'll start focusing more on spreading the word. However, feel free to mention this to anyone. It isn't a secret.

Many thanks to those who gave me feedback on Episode One. Many of your observations were VERY helpful. I can listen to this thing over and over and will only catch so much. Eventually you have to throw it out there as it stands. How it downloads and plays and subscribes is tough to trace through all the different setups people may have. Thanks again. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.