SkyPieces Radio

Episode 05 - Preach It, Baby!

Jan. 1, 2006

Episode #05 is here! (28 MB ; Clocks in at 30:03)

In this week's installment, true believers, we have:

01:24 The Genders - Horatio
06:30 Revolution - The Resin Rain
10:19 George Carlin on Radio That Sucks
13:05 Lark Watts & RattleShake - Painless
19:49 Beavis & Butthead on Michael Bolton
20:22 Tourist - Throwing Stones
23:14 Ed's Mixed Bag Promo
26:05 State of Being - Haywire
29:46 Tim X - Hank Hill Promo

New this week: In addition to the show notes embedded in the lyrics section of the mp3, I've added "album cover art" that is actually show notes. So, if you listen in i-Tunes, you'll see a picture pop up in your i-Tunes player. Click on that and get a blow-up of the show notes. Voila! Plus, the show notes themselves are more expanded.

You will note the email sign-up module in the sidebar of this page now. Sign up quick and easy and I'll be sending you an email when the new episode is up that includes show notes. Even if you are subscribed (like all the cool kids) you might like to have those notes and links. Basically, I'll send you everything that ends up here on the blog. Thus, no need to have to remember to visit the blog!

You know me... always thinkin'!

For those of you who are wondering who listens to SkyPieces Radio besides you, here's a quick peek into what my site tracking tells me...

* I actually get the far majority of my hits from my entry on Podshow.Com, not Scott Glascock's site, though that does come in (a distant) second place.

* A quick sampling of where listeners come from -

Foster City, CA
Eugene, OR
Hendersonville, TN
Wilmington, NC
Jupiter, FL
Burlington, VT
Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
Woodbridge, VA
Waynesboro, MS
Laurel, MD
Antioch, TN
Hamerkaz, Israel
Spotsylvania, VA
Henderson, NV
Frohna, MO
United Kingdom
Boise, ID
Boonton, NJ
Louisville, KY
New York, NY
Kyle, TX
Madrid, Spain
Alsace, France
Mandeville, LA

That's just a few of the list that I have. Plus, my freebie stat counter drops off the end at 100 views, so anything back further than that I don't have access to anymore (and I just started that counter last week). Pretty cool, huh? And you all thought that this was just something my few closest friends were listening to out of curiosity and pity... MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

P.S. Many thanks to those who made my birthday super-special yesterday. Y'all rock! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.