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Episode 07 - Erin Picks 'Em

Jan. 17, 2006

Episode 07 is served up here! Put down that fork. This is finger-food, baby!

This weeks episode info: 25MB, 26:23

Show Notes:

SkyPieces Radio Episode 07
Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag
00:03 SkyPieces Theme
01:08 Erin Leland commandeers the show
01:25 *Planet of Women - Waking Up the Neighborhood
05:39 *Jammin, Inc - Plant a Seed
09:48 Comments - Mike and Erin
11:41 *Lark Watts - Love
15:08 Comments on White Line Radio
16:06 *Udora - Liberty Square
19:50 PROMO - Rock and Roll Geek Show
20:13 Comments on Michael Butler's Int'view w/ Vicki Blue
22:52 *The Subways - I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say
26:14 SkyPieces Bump - Ryan S.

As mentioned in the show notes above, the lovely Erin Leland makes an appearance in this episode and helped pick half the music.

I've been getting emails from the bands that appear on SkyPieces Radio. It's always nice to get a shout-out from people half a world away who appreciate being played. Anyone should feel free to drop me a line: [email protected] Suggestions? Comments? Snide remarks?

Big howdys this week to Lark Watts, Billy Bryan (from Texture), Michael Butler (from the Rock and Roll Geek Show), Ed Ovett (from Ed's Mixed Bag), Tim White (from White Line Radio), Tim X--Ryan S--Scott G--Natalie C--Stephanie S (I'm gettin' some serious mileage out of those little recordings we did, gang!), and always the lovely Erin Leland.

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