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Episode 09 - Biting My Tongue

Feb. 1, 2006

Episode 09 is here (insert your own witticism).

After finishing everything off, I am noticing some slight distortion in the host vocal (that means when I talk). I was experimenting this week with a new compression plug-in to get a punchier sound on parts of the show. In early production, things sounded fine. After I finished up I heard the junk. Rather than tear everything back apart to fix it, I wanted to go ahead and get it out to you. This did not affect the music itself in anyway. Next week I'll go in and tweak the settings on that. In the meantime, I can recommend that you turn the volume on your media player or iTunes down a bit and turn up your speaker volume instead. Occasionally this little "gainstaging" trick will help.

The stats: 26:34 and 30 MB

Show Notes:

00:00 Episode Tag (09)
00:03 SkyPieces Theme
01:39 *Dusty Hughes - Drowning In You
05:29 *Texture - Wilmington
10:37 *Rotoscope - Drive
17:42 *Corporate Whore - Runaway
21:28 *Lark Watts - Lucy's Song
26:20 SkyPieces Bump - Adda
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