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Episode 10 - Over My Shoulder

Feb. 8, 2006

Episode 10 is bottled up fresh right here!!

The specs: 30MB and 31:32

Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag and Theme
01:43 *The Genders - Mute Button
04:45 *Soular - Over You
08:14 *Texture - Surrender
11:58 *Planet of Women - Waking Up the Neighborhood
15:42 *Revolution - The Resin Rain
20:04 *Jammin, Inc. - RaggaPunk
24:42 *Lark Watts - Love
28:09 Promo - Rock and Roll Geek Show
28:30 *Tourist - Throwing Stones
31:22 SkyPieces Bump
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As you can see, this is an "encore" episode of sorts. I've been getting a lot more traffic lately and I thought this would be a good way to bring the newcomers up to speed. I hate that they missed this much already. It isn't everything I've played for the first nine episodes, but it is the highlights. And... I shut up more this time.

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