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Episode 08 - Erin Says I Cuss Too Much

March 20, 2006

Episode 08 is waiting in the drawing room. Better late than never?

This episode... 27MB... 28:03

SkyPieces Radio Episode 08
Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag (08)
00:03 SkyPieces Theme
01:58 *Lark Watts - Next Big Thing
04:59 *Revolution - Urban Child
10:46 *Blame Amy - Sum of One
16:12 *Noblesse - Map Your Face
19:13 *Lark Watts - Whore
23:23 *Glasshouse - One Night in Your Skin
27:54 SkyPieces Bump - 4 Friends
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Went back to the thinner show notes. Just the facts. Drop me an email and let me know how things are sounding on your end. I try different things from time to time to see if I can get the overall audio quality up. Let me know where you listen to the show (at computer, in car, earbuds, etc). Anything stick out as difficult? I had a lady contact me about another podcast I work on who told me the background music during the commentary made it difficult for her to hear since she wore a hearing aid. So, we fixed that on that show (and I made an adjustment here, just in case.)

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