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Episode 13 - MySpace!!

March 21, 2006

Episode 13 is cued up and ready to rock!!

This week we get down to the nitty-gritty with bands that are TCB on The specs:

29:03 & 27.9MB

Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag and Theme
01:51 *Pretty in Stereo - Goodnight
05:56 *Hand Honey - Ashamed
11:20 *Tourist - Everytime We Touch
15:20 *Patty Hurst Shifter - Shine
19:30 *The Travezty - Where I Want To Be
23:18 Podcast Pick of the Week (Weekly Throwdown and The Jersey Toddshow)
26:10 *The Silver Factory - Chapter 2
28:59 Piss On You!
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As promised, HERE IS THE ITUNES SUBSCRIPTION LINK for SkyPieces Radio. Just click that link and iTunes pops up and allows you to easily subscribe to your favorite independent music podcast.

If you have a myspace page, whether you're a band or just a fan of great music and want to help spread the good word, drop by and add us as a friend. And, if you really want to help these bands out, we've provided a few links below that you can paste into a Bulletin or Message to YOUR friends network. These bands don't have the big bucks of the RIAA behind them. They have you. Just type up your own message and paste this in for good measure.

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Main Site:


iTunes Shortcut:

MySpace page:

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Next week: more MySpace bands! We've already gotten such a great response from bands on MySpace that we have to throw in another show to cover some of it. Get used to it. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.