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#1 WorldRider – Travels From The Sickbed - 2.17.06

Feb. 17, 2006

WorldRider Podcast #1 – Travels From The Sickbed

Originally produced and published on February 17, 2006

It took a broken leg and a medivac return to the United States to get the first WorldRider PodCast up and published. Want to know why it took so long? You’ll have to download it and listen.

Truthfully, this is really a non-official first PodCast here on WorldRider. I did this very quickly from my recovery bed using simply my Macintosh PowerBook G4 and a microphone and whatever software I found on my computer.

But I’m inspired and will incorporate more stories, guests and phone in interviews from riders all over the world. So subscribe to WorldRider and enjoy the ride.


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