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#25 George Walther, Voodoo, Smiles, & The Travelers' Century Club

Feb. 8, 2016

The WorldRider Podcasts continues to evolve and attract new and interesting guests.

Just in from Cape Town, South Africa, meet fellow speaker, world traveler and good friend George Walther. Not only is George Walther a Hall of Fame Speaker (honored by the National Speaker Association), but George is a a Hall of Fame WorldRider Traveler — honored here on this blog! He's also a card-carrying member of the Travelers' Century Club — a unique nonprofit organization comprised of members who've traveled to 100 countries or more. Listen in to learn how many countries George has traveled. Even better, George is also a motorcyclists and has traveled through many countries on two wheels.

George co-authored, along with his wife Barbi, "Honey I'm Home", a humorous romance love story and a travel story—a true story!

A gifted storyteller and with incredible life experiences to share, this Podcast will entertain listeners. I suspect there will be future podcasts with George as he continues to explore the world. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.