Love-Listen-Talk-Repeat Podcast with Wendy Capewell

#29 - Wendy Capewell - Abusive relationships and how to leave one

March 23, 2018

How to recognise an abusive relationship. Wendy talks from her own personal experience as well as the experiences of clients she has worked with.

  • What is an abusive relationship
  • My personal story
  • Who to talk to if you feel unhappy
  • How to get help

We can often doubt ourselves as to whether our relationships are abusive, especially when a partner tries to convince us otherwise,  by telling us that it was our fault, or that we provoked them.

They may even tell us it's because they love us.

But if it doesn't feel right then seek help. Abusive relationships cause so much harm. They destroy our self esteem and self worth. At worst they can destroy our lives........


Wendy Capewell


  • National Domestic Violence 24-hour National Domestic Violence
    Freephone Helpline -0808 2000 247



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