Love-Listen-Talk-Repeat Podcast with Wendy Capewell

#43 -The Scary Guy, Ex-tattoo artist, how he changed his life and now teaches Love

June 22, 2018

The Scary Guy talks about -

  • His early life as a tattooo artist
  • His previous relationships
  • Why he decided to make changes to his life
  • How he now teaches love to eliminate bullying
  • His 7 day 7 Night Challenge





The Scary Guy FRSA
He’s been called many names, by many people – although it will surely pique your curiosity as to why at the top of that list are names such as Agent For Change, Urban Dalai Lama, Warrior For Peace and Mind-Waker.

In the last 20 years on the road, The Scary Guy has worked with schools, police forces, military, and a host of communities and corporate organizations through his live training performances and across his active online networks – helping millions of people around the world to achieve personal peace and triumph in their lifetime.

The Scary Guy – his legal name, changed nineteen years ago – has dedicated his life to teaching others his powerful, solution-based theories and concepts on human behaviour and communication; a code that he has personally developed, in what he experienced as an absence of any clearly defined active solution from society.

It is a code that he has test driven for the last 20 years and still lives by today. In his own words, with his face, hands, and neck fully tattooed, Scary says; Look at me! If what I teach did not work as a solution, I would not be here today. With the amount of negativity that I receive and would have reacted to, I would either be in prison or dead.

The Scary Guy teaches people the steps for the creation of A Powerful Min

The only way this earth will change is when every man, woman, and child takes an active role in teaching children how to teach Love.” – The Scary Guy 1998









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