The North South Divide

The reckoning is upon us!

May 11, 2017

Well, who would have thought it possible? A Christmas North South Divide special, what were the chances eh?

So while you are tucking into the last mince pie, why not turn off the Queen and listen to our podcast instead? We promise that there are no guest appearances, no huge budgets allowing us to do much the same jokes, but in a different country. None of that here, our budget doesn't stretch even to a mince pie.

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I would like to take this chance to thank all of the people that make this podcast possible:

james, without whom... (Well without him, this wouldn't happen, I may have a lot of the ideas, but he makes me do it. Can I come out of the writing cell now please?) Seriously he has slaved away over a hot copy of Cool Edit Pro to do this in time for Christmas, a round of applause please.

Beth, for all of the help and support. And mainly for putting up with james and me in hysterics at inappropriate moments.

Also to all of the other people who have given us support over this first year of NSD's, from the other voice actors, to the people who gave us ideas for sketches, to the lovely listeners many of whom have been very supportive. Thank you, and I cannot believe that I am typing this, Merry Christmas. I hope that this helps get you through the Festive period.

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