The Problem With Men

The Male Fertility Crisis

May 3, 2022

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In the past 50 years sperm counts have halved. 

Many of us are waiting until we’re older to start families creating more challenges for conception. 

Not only is this personally devastating for individuals but it could also be devastating for society as it leads to an unbalanced population. 

So what is the issue? What’s happening to our sperm? What can we do about it?

In this episode of The Problem With Men Podcast we’re looking at the male fertility crisis. 

Chatting to seminal experts; Professor Richard Sharpe who is head of the Medical Research Councils Centre for Reproductive Health and Sheryl Homa who runs the only registered fertility clinic for men in the UK. We unpack the issues and look at potential solutions. 

Also in this episode; Bill Petok & Anthony Ryb talk to us about the psychological impact of facing infertility. Ian Stones from Fertility Network UK tells us about his successful online support group and we hear from’s Chris Lawson who kindly takes us through his experience of fertility treatment.

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