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Defending Life Courageously (with Treneé McGee)

April 2, 2024

What is it like to be a pro-life Democrat in a state legislature? How does it work to be pro-life in the African American community? We’ll answer these questions and more with our guest, artist and state representative Treneé McGee. This is a joint podcast with Think Biblically and the Winsome Conviction Project, both from Biola University. Scott represents the Think Biblically podcast and Rick Langer represents the Winsome Conviction podcast.

Treneé McGee is an artist and Connecticut state representative who has been serving in office since 2021. Representative McGee is uniquely situated as a pro-life member of the Democratic party. Her faith guides her to a strong conviction to conduct politics with truth, honesty and sincere care for people, and motivates her to preserve life by opposing abortion and seeking ways to support women and mothers experiencing poverty, homelessness, and many other situations that often drive them to abortion.

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