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Covid-19 Crisis: Aline Holzwarth on Our Behavioral Immune System

April 3, 2020

Aline Holzwarth is the head of Behavioral Science at Pattern Health in Durham, North Carolina and a writer who supplies work to Behavioral Scientist and Forbes and has well as her blog on Medium. And she is also Principal of Dan Ariely’s Center for Advanced Hindsight, where she is responsible for directing the strategy, operations and communications for the Duke University research center.

Our conversation with Aline was relaxed and built on the underpinnings of abundance and gratitude. We talked first about some the great tips she offers for handwashing messages and how our behavioral immune systems are excellent when we can see, smell or touch something, but they are compromised when it comes to invisibilia such as a virus.

We also discussed the role that music can play in providing buoyancy to our feelings and gave up some excellent tips on what to do with video conferencing.

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