6 Figure Home Studio: A Music Business Podcast

#92: What To Do When Someone In Your Area Is Charging $5 Per Song

Aug. 13, 2019

You’ve invested thousands of dollars in gear, and you’ve been busting your a$$ to get clients, but it’s been a struggle to get them at a fair rate. 

To make things worse, the guy down the street started doing $5 mixes. 

What should you do?

Join us to discuss the topic of $5 Craigslist mixes, what you “should” be charging, and how to compete with the lowball competition in your area. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why selling full mixes (or pretty much anything) for $5 is a terrible idea
  • Why the people who do sell mixes for $5 take care of many of the awful clients you’d have to deal with if Buttrock Berry didn’t take them from you
  • How becoming a commodity affects your business outlook
  • What putting your identity into what you do can do to you
  • Why you don’t want to by the Ryanair of the music industry
  • How worrying about people like Buttrock Berry distracts you from your own business
  • Why you should wait for your niche to pick you
  • How looking over your shoulder can cost you the race

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