Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

EP38: Filming Reality TV, Bristol Palin, & Diaper Drama

July 26, 2018

Kail talks about single mom struggles & a day in her world w/ 3 boys. They discuss what it's like being on reality tv & how things come across wrong because of the stress of being a mom & working. They talk about Bristol Palin Teen Mom OG & how they think it will affect the show. Kail talks about a new show on E! & why she cannot relate to it. Lindsie reveals why Jackson now wants a sibling. Kail talks about how lonely it is not having a family & how she loves that her boys have each other. They talk about home renovations, a pharmacist going missing, & a hot car death. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.