Building Pakistan with Benje Williams

E07 Building Pakistan with Mr. Hussain Dawood (Dawood Hercules, Chairman)

Dec. 17, 2017

Mr. Hussain Dawood is the Chairman of Dawood Hercules, a holding company that has ownership of institutions such as Hub Power, one of Pakistan’s largest independent power producers, and Engro Corporation, which is one of the largest fertilizer manufacturers and the parent company of Engro Foods, which it sold a 51% stake to a Dutch company last year for over $450 million dollars, closing one of the largest foreign investments in Pakistan to date. Mr. Dawood is also Chairman of both Hub Power and Engro Corporation, and is the cofounder and Chairman of the Karachi School of Business & Leadership, which he launched in 2012 through a strategic partnership with the University of Cambridge. He’s involved in too many other things to mention, but one thing fascinating about his journey is how he started as an intrapreneur for almost 30 years within his family business, learning critical lessons and developing his entrepreneurial skillset and mindset until the opportunity presented itself to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. His journey of 74 years so far contains so much richness and insight and we were thrilled to explore a few of these in this conversation. *Building Pakistan is brought to you by the team at Amal Academy (, with support from +Acumen ( as our distribution partner. Illustrations and production editing are by Awais Farooq (Amal Academy). Music is provided by Danny Roberts (, Lydia Cole and Ryan Baxley. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.