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Living Soil, Planttok and Creativity Through Plants with Dirty Roots Berlin

March 14, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of soil biology and the joy of creativity through plants? In this episode, we're joined by Adam from @dirty_roots_berlin to learn all about the importance of living soil, growing your own soil, and using nature to combat nature. Plus, we'll dive into how TikTok offers a refreshing and diverse platform for sharing your love for plants and exploring your unique personality! We'll also discuss how plants can help us reconnect with our sense of awe and wonder and inspire us to embrace creativity and curiosity in unexpected ways. So get ready to join us for an inspiring and enlightening discussion about all things green!

In this episode, we learn:

  • [00:05] How caring for plants helps us reconnect with our inner child and inner student
  • [02:49] TikTok is teeming with creators sharing their plant expertise!
  • [05:13] Adam, creator of Dirty Roots Berlin, talks about his unique approach to plant care
  • [07:24] The best way to take care of plants may not be what you think it is
  • [08:24] Why Adam likes collecting large plants and those that serve a function (featuring Bee Baths!)
  • [10:03] What inspired his bee garden and how did the idea of using a 3D printer for set pieces lead to the bee bath design?
  • [11:50] How Adam's curiosity about plant nutrients and microbes led to an innovative approach to indoor gardening
  • [16:10] Why did Adam move to Berlin and how has his plant collection changed?
  • [18:56] Why is it important to have the best bedding for a good night's sleep?
  • [21:24] On the importance of replicating natural conditions for successful houseplant care
  • [24:26] What are those “globes” and what makes them different?
  • [28:17] What is soil biology, or living soil, and how does it contribute to nutrient cycling for plants?
  • [37:52] How can plants help people reconnect with their inner creativity and awe?
  • [39:51] Should you sanitize your houseplant scissors?
  • [43:41] What are some cost-effective ways to propagate plants, and why is failure important?
  • [46:59] What's different about the plants in Berlin's grocery stores and garden centers?
  • [48:00] How can grow lights help bring spring and summer indoors year-round?
  • [49:55] Adam's distinct method of engaging with his audience on TikTok.
  • [55:32] How do TikTok and Instagram engagement differ?
  • [58:32] Have you seen Adam’s planty bathroom?
  • [01:00:09] Who are Adam's favorite TikTok creators?
  • [01:01:19] Where can you follow Adam on social media?

Mentioned in our conversation:

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