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Forced Organ Harvesting Mitchell Nicholas / Tom Whitmore On UFO's

Sept. 11, 2021

Mitchell Nicholas Gerber is a veteran activist, who has dedicated his life for the last 19 years to exposing The

Forced Organ Harvesting of The Falun Gong spiritual movement in China. With a resilient character and a

determined mind, he has been working hard on the frontline of a significant cause; which has been coined a

“New form of evil.” Mitchell has been traveling the world in a crucial attempt to raise awareness about The

Forced Organ Harvesting of The Falun Gong in China; where hundreds of thousands of these innocent

practitioners have been rounded up, sent to over eight hundred state mandated hospitals; their organs cut out

of their bodies while Alive; the organs then sold for massive amounts of profit, and the bodies then burned in

crematories to conceal the evidence.

Mitchell’s intention is to get the word out about The Forced Organ Harvesting in China, as well as, gain support

towards Falun Gong’s positive and healthy presence as a spiritual movement; across as many media outlets

and channels as possible, and he calls to action kind hearted human beings who will welcome an interesting

discussion about this continuing crime and pressing topic.

Tom Whitmore has been interested in UFOs since the 1960s and has been a MUFON board member since 1995. Recently retired from his career as a financial analyst, Tom has moved to Silver Spring Maryland in order to be close to the National Archives, the Library of Congress and other resources in the Washington DC area. Tom’s special interest is the history of the MJ-12 affair. He focuses on the 35 year history of questioned documents and claims that have come into the public domain, as well as stories of UFO crash retrievals and government/agency involvement in the UFO community. He can be reached at Facebook Tom Whitmore, Twitter @tomtulsa and at neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.