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Bigfoot And More Mike Dupler

Sept. 16, 2021

Mike Dupler

Started out hunting ghosts. I wanted to know if there really is an afterlife. After many adventures in old prisons and dark, creepy places, I have learned that locations reported to be haunted usually are. We, as a species, have believed in life after life since the first human thought, so to continue as a ghost or spirit is natural, it is part of the human experience. The fact that Science doesn’t recognize this is irrelevant.

Having found possible Sasquatch evidence, namely trees driven into the ground upside down thought to be territory markers, while on a ghost hunt led me to investigate this creature in my native Ohio. After several years and many forays into Bigfoot territory, I have found incredible evidence which inspired this book. This creature is alive, flesh and blood, and has fantastic abilities. A mythical creature doesn’t leave strange structures, foot prints, hand prints, and I don’t believe a fictional non entity has ever growled at anyone. Here again, the fact that Science doesn’t recognize this beast is irrelevant, I know better. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.