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Incrediby Strong Evidence Of Atlantas Stan Deyo

Nov. 12, 2021

Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology".
As an autodidact polymath, Stan's diverse background encompasses:

Computer programmer and senior systems analyst
Research physicist (both formally and self-educated)
Marine architect (self-educated)
Advanced propulsion engineer for marine, air and spacecraft
Author of three books and six scientific papers
Partner in Deyo Enterprises LLC - website hosting, book publishing and distribution company for the last 38 years
Amateur archeologist in the Middle East – knew the real "Indy Jones" and explored his digs near the Wadi ha Kippah in the Qumran (Israel)
Discoverer the Biblical Garden of Eden in Tanzania (May of 2014)
Discoverer Atlantis (May of 2016)
TV documentary television host for several shows on Tesla (Eye of the Storm) and a series of three highly-rated shows on Channel 9 in Perth: UFOs Are Here, UFOs Deyo and You and UFOs Are Back
University lecturer in 3D computer animation and graphic art
Bible student in English, Hebrew and Koine Greek
Public lecturer on world events including:
The coming global economic collapse
Developing solar-related crises in the Earth's climate
The "UFO" deception and its real intent
Suppression of badly needed technologies
The destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasion
His discovery of the Biblical Garden of Eden
His discovery of Atlantis
His discovery of the great Cuddapah Asteroid
The candidates for 'antichrist' and the 1st Beast of Rev 13.

Currently Stan is:
a) working on a Tesla-based energy system similar to that of Dr T. Henry Moray
b) several, novel air and marine propulsion projects
c) giving many radio interviews
d) writing his second paper (in a series of three) on the inertial nature of gravity with many graphic illustrations which show the 'layered shells' nature of moons, planets, stars, galaxies and even galactic clusters... which addresses the 'hollow Earth' possibility and...
e) writing his next book on the GArden of Eden and Atlantis and the asteroid that destroyed Atlantis and caused the Biblical Flood.

In 1969, Stan experienced an NDE which only strengthened his Faith, though at the time, he was not a Believer. We met with Hopi elders of the Shungopavi Village in Arizona twice by invitation to discuss prophecy.

In 1996 we visited the restricted access FNMOC at the US Navy base in Monterey to share Stan's method of earthquake prediction (based on sea surface temperature anomalies - something Stan formulated from the Navy's own data but they had not seen this use for it until he showed them.) For 10 years he made earthquake forecasts using their data with an accuracy of about 70% and a lead time of 1-7 days. Sadly, in 2006 the Naval data stream was classified; so Stan had to abandon this project.

At Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs (now headquartered in Omaha), we met with Major Green, affectionately known as "Major Meteor" by his colleagues, to discuss the probability of meteors impacting Earth. Stan has packed more into 74 years than most folks do in two lifetimes!

Stan's scientific approach is backed by extensive research. He is not motivated to make a "quick buck", nor is he trying to sell anything other than his books that are treasured by those who have them. He feels obliged to let the public know both what he sees from a scientific perspective as well as from Biblical research.

As strange as this might sound, on occasion, Stan has what he calls dream/visions. They do not happen often, maybe one every few years and initially, they only involved him or the immediate family. Now his dream/visions are becoming more frequent and involve other folks, other countries. My first "proof" of his abilities was his dream/vision where he "saw" me as his wife, his partner in life, and exactly where I lived several months before we'd even met!

We did, in fact, meet as a result of one of Stan's early appearances on Art Bell's radio program Coast To Coast AM. If you knew our details and the fact that we were living 12,000 miles apart, you'd appreciate the near-impossibility of this, but it DID come true. When Stan tells me he's "had a dream", I hold my breath, because his dream/visions have never NOT come. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.