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What Happend!! On Russia Dyatlov Pass Keith Mc Closkey

Dec. 15, 2021

Born in Dublin, Ireland but grew up in West Africa. I started writing in 2006. I first came across

the Dyatlov Incident whilst researching Soviet military history (another area of interest for me). My

book “Mountain of the Dead” was the first book published in the West (in 2013) on the Dyatlov

Incident after a research visit to Russia in 2012. More recently, I wrote the introductory chapter for

another Dyatlov book “The Dyatlov Incident: Not a Cold Case” by Dyatlov researcher Henning


Additionally, I have appeared on the Discovery Channel (including the Unexplained Files series) in

connection with the Dyatlov Incident and filmed in Lithuania for the Unexplained Files episode.

In early 2018, after discussions with Yury Kuntsevich of the Dyatlov Foundation, I raised funds in the

West to help Yury Kuntsevich and Russian Lawyer Leonid Proshkin to make an application to have

the Dyatlov case reopened in Russia.

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