Weird Studies

Episode 153: Celestial Machine: On the Temperance Card in the Tarot

Sept. 13, 2023

Even learned commentators on the tarot are likely to point out at the fourteenth major arcana, Temperance, is a bit of a boring card. At least, it comes off as dull until you look at it closely, as JF and Phil do in this episode. What they find is that the Temperance card is actually a diagram, a kind of blueprint for a celestial machine that underlies human technology, beckoning us to restore even the most mechanical contraption to the raw weirdness at the source of everything. Header image by Rolf Dietrich Brecher via Wikimedia Commons ( It's not too late to join JF's Nura Learning course, "Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence." ( Support us on Patreon ( and gain access to Phil's podcast on Wagner's Ring Cycle. Listen to Meredith Michael and Gabriel Lubell's podcast, Cosmophonia ( Download Pierre-Yves Martel's new album, Mer Bleue ( Visit the Weird Studies Bookshop ( Find us on Discord ( Get the T-shirt design from Cotton Bureau (! SHOW NOTES Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot ( Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth ( Adrien Lyne, Jacob’s Ladder ( Weeping Angels (, Dr. Who creatures Joel Schumacher, Flatliners ( Lawrence Halprin, [The RSVP Cycles]( Gregory Bateson, Steps To an Ecology of Mind ( Hesychasm (, monastic practice Yoav Ben-Dov, Tarot: the Open Reading ( The Gnostic Tarot ( Jeffrey Kripal, Authors of the Impossible ( Nagarjuna, Verses of the Middle Way ( neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.