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Canine Campus #9: Special Report #3 from The APDT Conference in Kansas City, MO

Sept. 28, 2006

Deven Gaston's delayed report from her last day at the 2006 APDT conference, with reports on Dr. Esther Schalke's research on shock collars ("Stress Symptoms Caused by the Use of Electric Training Collars on Dogs in Everyday Life Situations"), and what Dr. Patricia McConnell had to say about her new book, "The Biology of Emotion in People & Dogs".

Further Info from the APDT website:
Stress Symptoms Caused by the Use of Electric Training Collars on Dogs in Everyday Life Situations
Esther Schalke, PhD

This class will review the research that has been conducted into the efficacy and welfare implications of the use of electric shock collars. After which the reasons why the Institute of Animal Welfare and Behavior at Hanover University of Veterinary Medicine decided to expand on this research. Their methods, findings and the implications for the use of these devices in practice will be discussed in detail.

The Biology of Emotion in People & Dogs
Patricia McConnell, PhD

Ever looked at your dog and wondered how much of her emotional life is like your own? Learn the biology of emotion in you and your dog, and why it's reasonable to believe that both species share the emotions of love, fear, sadness, happiness and anger. This presentation will introduce Patricia's new book: For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend. Be the first to learn what emotions are, how the brain controls them and why we share so many of them with our dogs.


The Biology of Emotion in People & Dogs, by Patricia McConnell, PhD

The Expression of the Emotions in Man And Animals, by Charles Darwin

Esther Schalke, PhD, DVM

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