Be Positive Stay Positive Podcast

No One Is Supporting You What Do You Do?

Nov. 8, 2019

Is much more important to believe in yourself than to seek the support of others. No one else knows you as well as you know yourself. If that's the case, how can they offer support or suggestions that will help you if they don't understand what's going on in your head? Stop seeking support and praise from other people. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams and let no one stand in your way. Take the good with the bad and accept everything that comes your way. Learn from your mistakes and be transparent and honest with yourself and you will be happy. Keep your thoughts on target with your goals and dreams and do not let others tamper with them at all. Stay on your defined path towards your goal and let no one derail you. If you’re enjoying the show, it’s safe to assume there are others out there like you who would also enjoy the show. Help them find it. Please share this podcast and maybe the person you share it with will overcome that one thing in life they were struggling with. Please tell me your story. Go to and tell me all about it. I'll discuss it on a upcoming podcast and give you a shoutout on the air. ****************** iTunes: Spotify: iHeart: Podomatic: Google Play: TuneIn: Stitcher: Player FM: Podbean: Castbox: Podtail: Listen Notes: Chartable: Radio UK: Feedspot: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #BePositive neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.