Be Positive Stay Positive Podcast

Why Am I Alone In A Crowd?

March 24, 2021

If you feel alone in a crowd it's probably because you're doing something right! When you start following the herd and start thinking for yourself you realize you are alone in a crowd. That's OK. In this show I talk a lot about thinking for yourself and not following the herd. When you truly believe in your mission in life and do everything you can to follow it your energy was sore, your happiness will be off the charts, you will experience true love. So stop being spoonfed and get off your ass and do your own research. Whether it's about life, relationships, politics, humanity, religion, or the universe. There's nothing like being confident because you've done your research. The book is out: The Positive Perspective is available on AMAZON. I think we can all do a little bit better. Think about what you’re thinking about and practice awareness. Stay on your defined path towards your goal and let no one derail you.
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