Death Is Just Around the Corner

#72: Lose Extra Pounds of Brain & Bone the John Kennedy Way, pt. 4

March 27, 2018

THE LEE HARVEY OSWALD SUMMERSLAM SPECTACULAR: Lee Oswald, Secretary of the Fair Play for Cum Town Committee  –––  Lee Oswald, Time Man of the Year, 1963-2018  –––  The Eikonosphere, the Kingdom of the Realer-than-Real  –––  if you're not rich, talented, or lucky, you can always kill the right celebrity  –––  Oswald: CIA since 1959/repeat/Oswald: CIA since 1959  –––  a wandering dyslexic joins the Marines  –––  how to "defect," give up military secrets, meet girls, and get paid $3,500 to come back home!  –––  a CIA-led life among the weirdest fucks Fort Worth and New Orleans have to offer  –––  imitation is the sincerest form of framing your ass for a presidential assassination  –––  epilogue: the Warren Commission is only fit to wipe up bloody piss  –––  debut of a special song, dedicated to the trillion helpless cyclical losers still to come (this author included)


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