Death Is Just Around the Corner

#79: GoFundMe Nicaragua (Iran-Contra, pt. 1)

May 22, 2018

MJ gets Midwest Ultra Pissed  ––  hang Oliver North by his heels and let him be eaten on live TV  ––  Iran-Contra as the basis of the modern police state  ––  R.I.P. to Robert Parry and the murdered Gary Webb  ––  the CIA: Drugs Are Our Business, And Business Is Unequivocally Denied  ––  how to turn the Black Panthers into people you can murder with no repercussions  ––  La familia Somoza, a novel by Gabriel García Márquez  ––  ah, when coke was only for the rich  ––  you run the cops, you run the drogas  ––  the FDN and la Legión de 15 Septiembre  ––  Mitt Romney's fortune is based on startup capital from the people who murdered Oscar Romero  ––  los hermanos Meneses: CIA from the jump  ––  Clipse weren't the biggest coke boys in Virginia neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.