The FitBiz Journey

Episode Four: Special Guests Nina & Lizzy Nyiri

April 16, 2018

Welcome to the 4th episode of the FitBiz Journey Podcast. For this episode we have 2 amazing guests, Nina Nyiri and Lizzy!

We talk about the importance of your “why”, personal development, and why it’s important to educate everyone around you including your clients, employees, friends and family.

Nina gives some recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle podcasts where you can find great information. And we talk about social media strategies and creating content on blogs. 

Nina’s discusses her latest accomplishment of publishing her first book ever! That is going to be a hit!

Then she also shares an unbelievable accomplishment by one of her clients and how this client included 100’s of Nina’s recipes that she shares every single week for free!

You can get these free recipes at They are broken down into categories like workout day, rest day, entrees and desserts.  They also include cooking ingredients, instructions, macros and amazing pictures.

Please check them out and don’t forget to rate and subscribe to our show! It would really mean the world to us!

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