The FitBiz Journey

Episode 52: Relax, Focus Readjust with Corene Summers

April 8, 2019

Entrepreneurs, Gym Owners, Personal Trainers and Fitness Pros!

Take a break and watch this episode! This might be the answer to your cloudy mind. If you feel busy, stuck, overwhelmed! Pause everything and watch this episode! 

Corene Summers is the founder of Artisan Farmacy, Reiki Master,
holistic counselor and life coach, certified Corporate Wellness Specialist© and entrepreneur.

She is a passionate educator and advocate for others self-care, transformation and success.

Her path led her here after a decade spent working in high-pressure financial services roles, while simultaneously struggling with chronic stress and multiple autoimmune illnesses, including Lyme disease. A kismet 4-month solo trip to India, Nepal and Tibet in 2011 (spent volunteering at an orphanage and studying meditation, yoga, ancient nutrition/Ayurveda and other self-care rituals) became her path to healing and mind-body transformation; it also connected her to the true passions in life.

Now, she support conscious businesses, leaders and entrepreneurs in advancing their health, their careers and their lives overall through reducing stress, tension and optimizing sleep; increasing energy, focus, creativity, clarity and success.

The best part is that There is a button to "request a call with Corene" and you can reference Daniel Nyiri or FitBiz Podcast to get a free session.

Normally its just a quick discovery call, but this would be a special offer for a full 1-hour session so you must mention the Podcast or my name to get this amazing offer!

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