The FitBiz Journey

Episode 77: How we made $46,927.50 recurring revenue in Month 1 at our newest fitness studio?

Aug. 5, 2019

In this episode, we are going to share how we made $46,927.50 recurring revenue at our newest location in West Village, NYC. Which is only 700SF.-> Busting the myth of bigger and more is better.

Listen to this episode in a way that this is just the intro. We are actually creating a full class 4U where you get all the details from Picking our location to all the way to filling it up! 

In that class that we are going to put out there 4U:

The Break Down on how we did it
The Exact Sales Scripts and Tactics
The How to open a Profitable Studio Checklist
The Key Mistakes to Avoid Checklist
The Exact Ads we used
The Exact Funnels
The Exact Emails
The Exact Texts


How to Pitch to Media 
The Perfect Grand Opening Party Checklist




In this epsiode I look at some stats provided by IHRSA:

Average Fitness Studio Revenue is Less Than $300,000 in a year… We already broke that Run Rate in month 1.

According to this stat as well the bigger your studio the more you make. wrong… the only reason that is even a thing because they are able to fit in more low ticket sales clients…

However, in our case, we are only 700 SF and we made almost the amount in month 1 they made all year. Their overhead is way bigger with those sizes and you really don't need as much space. You wanna look at retail stores and restaurants that are successful and steal their ideas on profit per SF! TRUST ME you don't want big unused space in your industry... 

It's pretty safe to say that we operate some of the smallest studios in the U.S. with some high revenues and profits compared to the Fitness Industry. Bigger is not always better. Our biggest studios actually make less money than our smallest ones. We learned the hard way as well. 

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